Study English Online – Tips For Success


Studying English online is a fantastic idea, and there are lots of great reasons to do it.

That said, there are also some challenges you’ll face when you take an online English course. It’s important to be aware of these challenges so that you can be prepared for them, and can maximize your chances of success.

So what things do students need to be aware of when taking an online English course? As you read these, try to imagine ways to overcome these challenges so that when you take a course, you’ll already have overcome them.

Studying English Online – What to Be Ready For

– Distractions

Distractions are the number one enemy of studying English at home. It might be your favourite TV program, it might be your children wanting to play, or it might be your spouse wanting some attention. Whatever form they come in, however, distractions will cause you to fail more than any other thing when you study English online.

You need to dedicate a specific time to studying and set a routine to be successful. You also need to sit down and talk with the people you live with, letting them know the challenges of studying at home and asking them for their cooperation. They’ll usually be more than happy to help you succeed!

Make a list of potential distractions and try to think of ways to reduce/eliminate them. This will go a long way to helping you succeed.

– Motivation and Priorities

We all have responsibilities and duties in life, especially if we have other courses of study, jobs and families to take care of. It’s too easy to let learning English online slip down your list of priorities and slowly fade away.

You’ve got to fight this from day one! Remember that you’ve decided to study English online because you have a goal to achieve, and you need English to progress. Maybe it’s to get better grades at school, maybe it’s to go further in your career, or maybe it’s to make new friends and meet new people.

Whatever your reasons for studying English, you need to make it a top priority and decide from the beginning which things will allow you to reschedule/postpone studying, and which things will not. Once you make this list, stick to it and don’t deviate.

It’s OK to reschedule a class to look after a sick child, but it’s not OK to do it to catch a new movie you want to see with friends.

Set your own priorities and stick to them and you’ll succeed.

– Internet Connections

When you take an online English course you will need a stable internet connection to attend classes. In some places, this can be an issue and leads to headaches and problems for both students and teachers.

We recommend you have an ethernet, high-speed connection if you want to study English online with us. This will be necessary to facilitate face to face conversation sessions and to download and upload files needed for classes.

If you don’t have a high-speed connection at home, perhaps you could study at the office? Talk to your boss, tell them you want to study English to improve yourself, and ask them if it’s OK to study at the office during a quiet time after work. They’ll more than likely recognize your ambition and dedication to self-improvement and try to help you if possible.

They might even remember it and promote you when you pass your course!

So, now you’re aware of some of the common challenges facing online English students.

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome all of these problems in 99% of cases. You’ve just got to be a little creative and think of ways to eliminate the distractions, stay motivated and find a reliable, high-speed connection.

If you can do all three of the above, you’ve got a very good chance of succeeding in your online English classes.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Premier English Services!

Are you ready to study English online? We can design an online English course just for you at an affordable price. Send us a message using the contact form below and one of our friendly teachers will contact you soon.

Study English Online – Tips For Success

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