Study English Online – Three Great Reasons


Studying English online is growing in popularity every single day.

As more and more students discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to study English from home, online English courses are popping up all over the web to service eager students.

So why is studying English online becoming so popular? What are the benefits for students? Why do they prefer studying English at home to attending a formal course at an English language school?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

Why Should You Try Studying English Online?

– Studying English Online is Convenient!

Taking online English classes is so convenient it’s difficult to resist. Many students find that getting to class after school or work is stressful, often battling through endless traffic and rushing to try to get to class on time. When you find an online English teacher all of the stress vanishes, and you can study from anywhere you feel comfortable, anytime you please.

– Studying English Online is Cheaper!

We all like to save a little money, and there are many savings to be made when you decide to study English on the internet.

First, you won’t have to buy any textbooks in most cases, since materials are electronic and most of the learning will be done using these. Here at Premier English Services, we provide all the study materials for our classes via email, at no extra cost to you, our students.

Second, there are no transport costs. Students who attend a language school often have to pay for taxis, bus or train tickets, or fuel for their vehicles. When you study ESL online all of your transport costs are automatically reduced to zero.

Lastly, there are the savings related to the English course itself. Since schools have overheads and expenses like electricity, rent and materials, they often have to charge more for lessons to cover these costs. Online English schools like Premier English Services don’t have these costs associated with our online school, so we can charge less for lessons, meaning savings for our students!

– Studying English Online Means Faster Progress

Since we have fewer costs than a physical language school, we don’t have to cram students into a classroom to make a profit. We can afford to offer 1-on-1 lessons and extremely small group classes at the same price as language schools charge for ten or more people to a class.

This means that you’ll learn and progress faster, since your teacher will have more time to focus on you and your individual needs as a student. Your teacher won’t be trying to think of what 10 students need, but will instead be focused on you alone, or you and two others if you join a group class.

For serious students of English you want to become fluent quickly, studying English online offers a fast-track to the top.

So there you have it! It’s cheaper, more convenient and you make faster progress. That’s three great reasons to consider hiring an English teacher online today!

To begin your journey to fluency in English, send us a message using the e-mail form below and one of our friendly teachers will talk to you about your needs as a student.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Premier English Services!

Study English Online – Three Great Reasons

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